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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2020 10:30pm-10:45pm CET

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and order. language courses. video and order you know. where. w. . this is d w news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes mass mobilization in malawi thousands have taken to the streets demanding the country's election commission be sacked this off to a court upheld a ruling to cancel the results of graft amazing poll will get a report from a long way. and will take you to a far east in kenya where women are earning a livelihood finding butterflies it's also saving the environment. then trying to keep your head above water you have failed strange we speak to a t.v.
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set determined to make a go off life in the impoverished guinea-bissau. callow i'm christine will go well come to africa it's your company but always president peter with a guy has been delves another blow to the constitutional court has dismissed his appeal off a courtroom during that and now he's may election when last week judges ruled that the 2900 makeshift had been mocked by irregularities and anomalies which they described as being so widespread and systematic that the integrity of the results had been seriously compromised now it's the 1st time a presidential election has been challenge on vehicle grounds since the gained independence in 1904 and it's only. the 2nd time and election has the nullified in
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africa the 1st was kenya in 2017 now thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets to celebrate the decision by the courts they are also calling for the head of the election commission chain answer to be fired they accuse her of failing to ensure the election was fair and credible. let's go over to the malawian capital we our reporter is standing by hi alison so you have been at the demonstration tell us more about what protesters are demanding and and the mood at that demonstration today being human rights defenders corey sean it's hard to see in malawi are calling for the immediate resignation or the chopper will be. an all or mismanaging be presidential elections or maybe 2019 sort of day be rated by much in the streets already know we are live in the background of that and see the
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how utterly close down or other shut down it took me to an office there. you should be. alson the court that in now last year's election say's a new election has to be held within $150.00 days of that ruling by the way how confident are people that that will happen malawians are quiet or shouldn't under be are actually there are. varick expect fun because of yesterday's ruling where they're saying their actions must go on by the supreme court of malarky so that we have to move for what otherwise the government in this case the my the difficulty sean and be under the present of the public of the lobby of appeals or this day you will be a people of judgment however as things are at the moment then he's got to hope that elections will be made and will be done even if 5 months on the view stand of
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demonstrations be just one of the ways my guns are showing that they really need to move on. what kind of a president has peace and with that he had been and how much support does he have in the country oh do you resent people were told he got is a very good president personally yes just be true to however what if you kind of looks like you have left so much. to be 40 some on the people think he is not somebody who is a question kind of a president so because of that you have seen delays in so many of the developmental good philip into aspects of activity so they look what this and some are trying to cause somebody who is very good but is not a very good money just for the department outs and the decision to announce the election came as a surprise to people both inside and outside malawi is there a same set things are going to change in the country. diddy's got up to
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museum from the malawians because they are looking at the flows of the courts actually pointed out there were some irregularities but the pointed out from the way the management to the elections we are where we are 100 so they believe that will be shown us will be coming over would really lean from the past mistakes but not been made by the commissioners who are now being asked to resign so there is a hope and before we knew for michelin you look at the mom what crowd i've been watching and the most reading in there is that what we did bad things are always going to change only if one would be leaders who are really determined to look things go right that's what's enchanted reporting in the long thank you. now butterflies look at on thing you're about to see that they're more than just a pretty creature is the next report takes us to the arab local so soak
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a forest in khalifa county kenya there the insects are providing an income for local villages all while saving the environment now it's all part of an if it's to safeguard biodiversity in the country by involving local communities and forest conservation. beautiful and valuable butterflies in the arab forests in kenya to one of the species live in this tropical fruit near the coastal city of mombasa only 42000 hectares of this forest reserve has left the wood used to stretch from somalia to mozambique they keep the appeal butterfly project aims to conserve the remaining forest. for this project we would venture into the forest in groups to fetch firewood and this would have a negative impact on the environment however when we joined the project we realized
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we could earn much more and this helps to pay for our children's school fees. where do. you see dear thank you 6 percent of the people involved in the project a woman many of them illiterate butterfly experts told them everything they need to know about the colorful insects. but a place that we. followed by. either you. or caterpillar then after a butterfly no plans to. like the zones. of different spaces of butterflies now this would take almost 2 weeks to harsh into a butterfly like this one we call this christmas butterfly this is a newborn butterfly so like 5 minutes to come. this butterfly will
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be able to. enjoy. the women try to find cuts of clueless in the forest but it's more effective to go after butterflies and control the whole process from laying the x. until their heads into place it's tricky to catch the butterflies the best moment to get them is when they're sucking nectar. we usually venture into the forest in groups to capture the butterflies we then go back to our homes and related to pay individually and i mean that $1.00 can make between $20.00 and $50.00 a week i'm attending on the amount of work you put in. the comic and i'm still. in the pool play collection halls expert classify and saw the. next just to prepare them for export. we package them in special containers made of thin plastic that's not very heavy we then ship them to our customers in the united
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kingdom in turkey and our clients resold a prepay upon receipt of some of our clients are a lot of lighthouses in which they store the prepay into they turn into butterflies prices for the poor play range from $1.00 to $2.00 and a half us dollars small sums with a great impact livelihood for the project members and money for forest conservation . now the new president often esol day he is or. has promised to improve the situation for the people in the country a place which is marked by extreme poverty and corruption so what is life like for ordinary people in the west african nation well spoke to a 19 year old teenager. he is trying to make ends meet by working on a tourist boat he told us about his hopes for the future and also what in his opinion definitely has to change for things to get better in one of the world's
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poorest nations. for the tourists on the speedboats the islands of guinea be silent west africa for a taste of paradise. for residents like 19 year old the 2. they provide the income that allows him and his family to survive. but he. did i'm a sailor's assistant which means i take people on the boat to be sour and bring them back or i take them to other islands they wish to visit me and see. the arab. world the way i help carry things to the boats i also check whether. it's a big responsibility with the clients to see if it's worth taking the risk to say i will not be in the grave. but the 2 faces many challenges in his life. he supposing at least 6 other relatives with this child
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will be less sure of for me that i was born into a very poor family where my father does not have work and neither does my mother with 5 siblings and right now i am the head of the family before me. uses the money he and he had to pay for his education and also that of his siblings. but he says going to school is not something you can take for granted in a country is poor and. dysfunctional is guinea-bissau now. key but i guess it was but i wish things would be better and that we would have more hope not because in our politics things don't go well it's all good or for instance we start classes and all of a sudden a strike strike strike and then we lose the school year and then the next year the same thing happens when we. but he's determined to forge ahead with his plans to make a better life aim self in his family but he says it would be easier if politicians radically change their behavior. they should start thinking
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about others and not just themselves but they should start working for all going to why the back of the building is. what it comes to the direction the country should be going has a clear message to president mubarak. he must improve to schools and offer children new schools different than the ones we have now to give the children a motivation for the future of their school and foremost. teacher says his dream is to finish his studies and to get a job in 2 or ism. and then one day these own boss. and that's it for now africa you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page today will leave you with some more pictures are beautiful butterflies in africa till next time bye bye.
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can inspire change be to people. going to africa sometimes sitting right. join them as they set out to save the environment learn from one another and work together for a better future for. many colleagues do you all for tuning in. on w. students or people go for information
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provide. the means they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date in touch from the us. and. greetings from the german capital hi i'm karen how's that and here's what's coming up on today's arts and culture german countertenor new fund of r. is only 26 but already stealing the show in one to that is lot of fail at the dutch touring opera in n.c. . and waste not want not nature square design studio is turning cast off feathers seashells and even egg shells into luxury
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interiors. we start off with steve mcqueen and i don't mean the late actor rather the other steve mcqueen whose remarkable career as an artist director and screenwriter has won him acclaim across disciplines and most people know him for his films which include titles like shame and of course the oscar winning 12 years a slave but he's also a winner of the turner prize britain's highest award for visual artists and now the take modern in london is honoring him with a major exhibition. yorks statue of liberty this video work titled static steve mcqueen shows are so close that the viewer can even make out a crust of bread drop. american symbol of freedom. and what.


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